Our founder started his career in automobile manufacturing. Then, he served the computer industry. We live and breathe science and technology. We are passionate about STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics). We love problem solving. We have led teams in regional robotics competitions. We believe that the robotics will shape agricultural and industrial production and supply chain as well as deliver in the years to come. We love to enable school children to learn engineering by building robot and robot attachments to perform missions. We love to teach programming to make the robot to perform missions.

Practice robot building & programming

Practice robot building & programming

Our Team



How is our programs structured?
What robot do we use?
What software do we use?
Should the student purchase robot and software?

Our Course Strength

Creativity  - 90%
 Problem Solving - 85%
STEM Oriented - 100%
Fun - 95%
Teamwork  - 90%


My son loves regular Legos and computers so I was excited to try him out in this Lego Robotics course which brings both of these activities together. He loved it!  He will continue on in the next courses so that he can enter into the competitions. It is important for students to start at the basics so one must be patient and learn the fundamentals and these courses teach just that.  What I think is most beneficial is the foundation this will set for the future education of my child even though he may not realize it because he is having too much fun learning!
- Helen D.